Gen V Review: The Boys Can Be a Superhero Franchise After All

  • Series Name: Gen V (Season 1)
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2 /10
  • Creator: Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, Craig Rosenberg
  • Stars: Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway
  • Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Language: English.

Exploring Gen V: The Boys Episodes 1-3


Welcome back, everyone! In this Blog. we’ll be diving into the first three episodes of “The Boys” spin-off series, Gen V. These episodes are filled with Easter eggs, parodies, and intriguing plot developments. Join me as we dissect the key elements of these episodes.

The Boys Universe Parallels

Gen V introduces us to a world that mirrors the familiar elements of The Boys Universe. We’ll explore how the show maintains the dark and satirical tone while introducing new characters and storylines.

Vought’s Profitable Superhero Management

Discover how Vought leverages compound V and its superpowered individuals to create a lucrative business model. We’ll delve into the dark side of Good Dawkins University and Vought’s exploitation of young talents.

The Transition to Pharmaceuticals

Stan Edgar’s shift in Vought’s business strategy is a significant plot point. Learn how the company aims to transition from superheroes to pharmaceuticals, promising more profits and fewer headaches.

L to R: Lizze Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, Maddie Phillips

God You: Good Talking University

Episode one, titled “God You,” introduces us to Good Talking University, a school with a sinister purpose. Explore how this school sets the stage for the narrative, highlighting Vought’s insidious intentions.

The Red River Institute

Delve into the role of the Red River Institute as a holding facility for individuals with uncontrollable or problematic superpowers. Discover the connection between this facility and Vought’s secret experiments.

Dark Parallels: Evil X-Men

Uncover the dark parallels between Gen V and the X-Men universe, with Clancy Brown’s character, Brinkerhoff, drawing comparisons to a malevolent Professor X. Explore the secrets of the school’s origins.

A Parodic NFL Draft

Episode one kicks off with a hilarious parody of an NFL draft day, Vought-style. Learn about the superheroes vying for a spot on Vought-sponsored teams like Payback and the role of Good Dawkins alumni in The Seven.

Jazz’s Power Manifestation

Explore the unique way Jazz’s powers manifest, which stands in contrast to traditional compound V babies. Episode one offers insights into the characters and their abilities.

Pop Culture References

Discover the plethora of pop culture references scattered throughout the episodes, from Jake Paul to PewDiePie. We’ll decode these nods to contemporary culture.

Lord Kelvin and New Superheroes

Meet new superheroes in Gen V and catch references to characters like Lord Kelvin. Explore how these fresh faces add depth to the Boys Universe.

Tragic Backstories

Marie’s accidental killing of her parents and her journey to the Red River Institute parallels the backstory of Victoria Neumann. We’ll explore the dark underbelly of Vought’s operations.

References to The Boys Season Three

Uncover the references to events from The Boys Season three, including Starlight’s departure from The Seven and Homelander’s trial. Understand the shift in focus from superheroism to branding.

Power Scaling and Potential Threats

Dive into discussions about power scaling, with Homelander reigning as the most powerful. Discover the hints that only Ryan may pose a potential challenge to Homelander’s supremacy.

Consequences of Misusing Superpowers

Learn about the dire consequences of misusing superpowers, including the explosive outcome for those who push their abilities to the limit.

Club Mishap and Marie’s Potential

Explore the events at the club, where an accident threatens to expose Marie’s lack of superhero potential. Understand how Vought prioritizes social media presence over true heroism.

Golden Boy’s Tragic Conclusion

Witness the dramatic climax of the first three episodes, where Golden Boy’s memories lead to devastating self-destruction. Analyze the implications of this tragic turn of events.


These headings should guide us as we dissect the first three episodes of Gen V. Stay tuned for more in-depth breakdowns and discussions on this exciting addition to The Boys Universe!


1. What is Gen V, and how does it connect to “The Boys” Universe?

  • Gen V is a spin-off series set in “The Boys” Universe. It explores a world parallel to the original series, focusing on a school called Good Dawkins University and its superpowered students.

2. What is the significance of Good Dawkins University in Gen V?

  • Good Dawkins University serves as a central setting in Gen V. It’s a school created by Vought to exploit superpowered individuals for profit, mirroring the dark side of the superhero business.

3. How does Vought profit from superpowered individuals in Gen V?

  • Vought profits by signing contracts with parents, promising wealth and fame for their superpowered children. In exchange, Vought takes a portion of the earnings, essentially acting as a superhero management agency.

4. What is the transition to pharmaceuticals mentioned in Gen V?

  • Stan Edgar, a character from “The Boys,” hints at Vought’s shift from superheroes to pharmaceuticals, aiming for higher profits with fewer complications.

5. What is the Red River Institute in Gen V?

  • The Red River Institute is a holding facility for superpowered individuals with uncontrollable or problematic abilities. It serves as a stepping stone before these individuals are sent to other Vought facilities.

6. Are there references to “The Boys” Season Three in Gen V?

  • Yes, Gen V references events from “The Boys” Season Three, such as Starlight’s departure from The Seven and Homelander’s trial.

7. Are there new superheroes introduced in Gen V?

  • Yes, Gen V introduces both new superheroes and crossover characters from “The Boys” Universe, adding depth to the series.

8. What are the consequences of misusing superpowers in Gen V?

  • Misusing superpowers in Gen V can lead to catastrophic outcomes, including individuals literally exploding if they push their abilities too far.

9. Who is Golden Boy, and what is his tragic conclusion?

  • Golden Boy is a character in Gen V. His memories play a crucial role in the storyline, leading to a tragic climax where he self-destructs in a supernova-like explosion. 

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