Do Not Disturb (2023) Movie Review

Do Not Disturb (2023) Movie Review

Hey folks, let’s dive into Netflix’s latest offering, “Do Not Disturb,” where we follow the escapades of middle-aged hotel manager Metin. This Turkish import aims to shed light on the world of Instagram influencers, with a particular focus on Peri, a motivational figure on the web. But does it hit the mark? Let’s find out.

A Familiar Premise

We’ve all been down the rabbit hole of Instagram reels, right? “Do Not Disturb” taps into this digital obsession, exploring how it influences our lives. Metin, our protagonist, swears by Peri’s advice and tries to live his life to the letter. It’s a tale we’ve seen before, but could it have been better executed? Maybe.

Behind the Lens

Director Cem Yilmaz pours heart and soul into this project. In just one night, Metin’s life takes an unexpected turn on his first day at the hotel. We’re in for a ride as we witness his transformation. This theme of rediscovery isn’t new, but it’s gaining traction, thanks to platforms like Netflix.

A Pandemic Perspective

Metin’s journey is set against the backdrop of the pandemic. It’s a reflection of our times, with masks and vaccines making their appearances. Yet, the film doesn’t dig too deep into this aspect, treating it more as a production necessity than a central theme.

Metin’s Encounters

As the night unfolds, we meet a colorful cast of characters. There’s Bahtiyar, the saxophone-playing professor in the midst of an existential crisis. Davut shrouded in mystery, adds an air of intrigue. Suhal, a young hotel worker, shares an amusing connection with Metin. The film takes a swipe at societal norms with a dash of humor, pointing out the absurdity of age-gap relationships.

A Misstep in Romance

While attempting to kindle a romance between Metin and Saney, the writing falters. Saney, an older woman with her own struggles, takes up screen time without a clear purpose. Meanwhile, Suhal’s potential is left untapped.

A Conversation Lost in Translation

“Do Not Disturb” attempts to tackle weighty topics like mental health, love, and loneliness. Unfortunately, these conversations come off as forced and repetitive, failing to strike a chord.

Structure and Clarity Woes

The film’s biggest stumbling blocks are its structure and lack of direction. It’s unclear what Yilmaz intended to convey. Is it a quirky comedy or a whimsical satire? The ambiguity might leave viewers scratching their heads.

Peaks and Valleys

The first half hour of “Do Not Disturb” shows promise, setting the stage for what could have been a gripping narrative. Regrettably, it spirals into a long, agonizing descent that leaves you yearning for the credits to roll.

In the end, “Do Not Disturb” serves up an interesting premise with a handful of engaging characters. Yet, it falters in execution, leaving us wanting more. While it might not be a knockout, it’s worth a watch if you’re in the mood for a thought-provoking, if somewhat flawed, ride through the world of social commentary.


1. Is “Do Not Disturb” worth watching? While the film presents an intriguing premise and engaging characters, it falls short in execution. If you’re in the mood for a thought-provoking ride through social commentary, it’s worth a watch.

2. What sets “Do Not Disturb” apart from other films? The film delves into the world of Instagram influencers, offering a unique perspective on how digital content impacts our lives.

3. How does the pandemic factor into the storyline? The pandemic is woven into the narrative, with characters following safety protocols. However, it takes a backseat as the story progresses.

4. Are there standout performances in the film? The supporting characters add depth to the story, particularly Bahtiyar and Davut. However, some characters are underutilized.

5. What are the main criticisms of “Do Not Disturb”? The film’s writing and lack of clarity regarding its genre are the primary areas of criticism. Some find the conversations on weighty topics to be forced.

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