Fair Play: A Resurgence in Erotic Thrillers

Fair Play: A Resurgence in Erotic Thrillers


Chloe Domont’s Fair Play marks a significant stride in the resurgence of the erotic thriller genre. In this official review of the 2023 movie, we’ll delve into it without giving away any spoilers. While once dominated by high-budget productions with star-studded casts like Basic Instinct, and even relegated to straight-to-video releases, an evolving understanding of gender dynamics has propelled this genre back onto mainstream screens.

Stellar Performances and Gripping Screenplay

With a gripping screenplay by Domont and standout performances by Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich, the film is bound to spark debates among its viewers upon its Netflix debut.

A Clandestine Romance Tested

Intriguing Premise

The film introduces us to the central couple, Emily (Dynevor) and Luke (Ehrenreich), whose romance initially appears passionate and deeply physical. They share a life together and become engaged early in the narrative, but the demands of their shared employment at a hedge fund company force them to keep their relationship clandestine.

Trials of Ambition and Love

When Emily ascends to a position coveted by Luke, their relationship faces severe trials.

Wall Street Unveiled

Drawing from her past work on television series like Billions and Suits, Fair Play masterfully captures the intriguing yet foreboding essence of Wall Street and the fervent atmosphere of a hedge fund-driven workplace. Status and career are the driving aspirations.

A Female Director’s Unique Perspective

The initial scenes vividly depict the intensity of the central relationship, a perspective uniquely presented through the lens of a female director, setting it apart from preceding entries in the genre.

Breaking Boundaries in the Genre

Nonetheless, it’s evident that Domont possesses a deep understanding of the genre, fearlessly steering it in directions that previous well-known films (such as Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct) shied away from.

Probing Desires and Career Clashes

Fair Play boldly portrays the sexual desires of its protagonists alongside the conflicts that arise from their career trajectories. As the narrative unfolds, it poses probing and shadowy inquiries.

A Third Act Beyond Convention

While it acknowledges the allure of its attractive leads and doesn’t shy away from depicting their intimate moments, when it approaches the third act, it skillfully navigates away from predictable third-act dramatics, delving into territory more challenging than what Joe Eztherhaz or Adrian Lyne might have ventured.

A Bold Departure from Convention

Fair Play offers a gripping and intricate erotic thriller. At first glance, Fair Play may seem like the quintessential thriller that once defined many Hollywood releases, often penned by Joe Eztherhas. However, Chloe Domont presents something that transcends the conventional boundaries of the erotic thriller.

Uncomfortably Tense and Intricately Layered

A palpable affection for the genre permeates the film, yet it also seeks to delve into the complexities of power dynamics within male/female relationships, both in the bedroom and within a professional environment. Those expecting a run-of-the-mill thriller might find themselves at odds, but for those seeking a more taut and intricate experience, not to mention an unsettling one, Fair Play is the film to watch.


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