First Trailer For The New Toxic Avenger Movie

Sukhee Movie Review (2023)

The New Toxic Avenger Movie

The Toxic Avenger (2023)

Following on from the first image of Peter Dinklage in the melty character as Winston Gooze AKA The Toxic Avenger, the trailer has burst onto the screen as a heady, bloody blend of Tim & Eric and RoboCop. check it out…

Macon Blair both wrote and directed this fresh interpretation of Toxie, a remake of the 1984 Troma cult classic depicting a janitor who transforms into a powerful, disfigured superhero after an encounter with a barrel of hazardous waste. Blair explains to Entertainment Weekly that, much like the original Toxic Avenger, he’s not inherently equipped to be a hero. He lacks exceptional bravery or cunning, but his intentions are pure, and he rises to the occasion when pushed to his limits. And based on the main image, is that a tutu?

The ensemble includes Jacob Tremblay, Taylour Paige, Elijah Wood, and Kevin Bacon. While the film has been showcased at festivals, a UK release date is still pending.

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