Heist 88: Movie Review

Heist 88: Movie Review

The Plot

Heist 88 is a movie inspired by a true bank robbery in 1988 in Chicago. Starring Courtney B. Vance, it follows the story of Jeremy Horne, a cunning criminal who convinces some bank employees to join him in robbing a bank. Despite lacking criminal inclinations, the employees are swayed by Jeremy’s promises of a better life. However, the film is marred by overdramatic dialogue and a lackluster screenplay. While Vance’s performance is commendable, he struggles to carry the film alone.

A Fictional Retelling

The movie takes creative liberties with real-life events, presenting a fictional retelling of the 1988 bank robbery led by Armand Moore. The protagonist, Jeremy Horne, is a convicted criminal with grand schemes, navigating Chicago while wearing a tracking monitor. Despite a 21-day window to surrender, Jeremy is too preoccupied with his plans for greater wealth. He already owns Breezeair, a private airline, yet his ambition and greed drive his criminal tendencies.

Marshall’s Desperation

Jeremy pays his respects to his late brother at a church, where he meets Marshall, his desperate and needy nephew. Marshall, burdened by debt from starting a music studio, seeks financial assistance. Unbeknownst to Marshall, this presents the perfect opportunity for Jeremy to further his plans.

The Collaborators

Marshall introduces Jeremy to his friends from the recording studio, LaDonna, Rick, and Danny, who work at the National Bank of Chicago. Intrigued, Jeremy sets his sights on them. Danny, expecting a child, struggles with his low-wage job. Rick and LaDonna also face financial hardships, with the latter responsible for her sister’s education. They all need money to maintain their lifestyles.

The Heist Plan

Observing their situations, Jeremy brings the four together, revealing his plan to rob the National Bank of Chicago, promising them immense wealth. Initially hesitant, they agree, seeing no alternative to their financial woes. Along the way, we meet Jeremy’s old accomplice Buddha Ray, and his unreciprocated love, Bree Barnes, who aid in devising the heist plan. They successfully stole 80 million dollars through a series of phone calls, albeit in a less engaging manner.

Heist 88: Movie Review

Missed Opportunities

While the film successfully captures the 80s ambiance with period-accurate cars and fashion, the script and character development fall short. Jeremy’s background and motivations remain largely unexplored, overshadowed by materialism. The ease with which Jeremy buys LaDonna’s cooperation feels implausible. Predictable dialogue and lackluster storytelling leave the narrative lacking in excitement.

Cinematic Shortcomings

Despite competent cinematography, scoring, and mood-setting, a forced plot twist diverges from reality. Performance-wise, Vance outshines, but the underdeveloped characters limit the cast. Ultimately, Heist 88 fails to secure a spot among notable heist thrillers. Menhaj Huda’s film lacks a lasting impact, serving as little more than a passing diversion.


Q1: Is Heist 88 based on a true story?

Yes, Heist 88 is inspired by a real bank robbery that took place in Chicago in 1988.

Q2: Who are the main characters in the movie?

The main characters include Jeremy Horne, a cunning criminal, Marshall, his desperate nephew, and Marshall’s friends LaDonna, Rick, and Danny who work at the National Bank of Chicago.

Q3: How successful was the heist in the movie?

In the movie, the heist is successful, and the group manages to steal 80 million dollars through a series of phone calls.

Q4: What are some of the shortcomings of the film?

The film faces criticisms for its overdramatic dialogue, lackluster screenplay, and underdeveloped character backgrounds. Some viewers also find certain plot points implausible.

Q5: Who plays the lead role in Heist 88?

Courtney B. Vance takes on the lead role in Heist 88, portraying the character of Jeremy Horne, the mastermind behind the bank robbery.

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