Movie Review: “The Creator” – A Sci-Fi Epic

The creator movie
Release Date; September 29, 2023 (USA)
Director; Gareth Edwards
Rating; PG-13
Main Genre; Adventure
Genres; Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-F

The Creator scored 81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Creator scored 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb.
movie review the creator
20th Century Studios


As we entered the fall season, “The Creator” was the film I had been eagerly anticipating the most. A few days ago, I finally had the opportunity to watch it, so let’s dive into it.

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Anticipation and Expectations

I was particularly thrilled about this movie because it represented a big-budget blockbuster with an entirely original storyline. In today’s cinema landscape, such endeavors are unfortunately rare. It’s a breath of fresh air to see major studios like Disney via Fox trusting directors with unique visions to bring original stories to life.

The trailers for “The Creator” looked promising, and a friend of mine who attended a test screening six months ago couldn’t stop praising it. Naturally, my anticipation reached its peak, and I was so excited about the film that I chose to skip the opening night of the film festival I’m currently attending, which featured the premiere of the new Toxic Avengers remake. Instead, I opted for the Austin press screening of “The Creator” because I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

The Positives: Epic World-Building and Visual Excellence

Let’s kick things off with the positives. What truly stood out for me in this film was its grand scale and epic storytelling within the science fiction genre. The narrative spans decades, encompassing a global threat with profound implications across multiple continents.

The film takes you on a journey through various nations, including space stations, creating a genuinely massive and immersive world. The visual effects, cinematography, and overall production design are impeccable, contributing to the creation of a believable and tangible environment.

What’s remarkable is that the reported budget for this movie is a relatively modest $85 million. Comparing it to other films, such as “Expendables 4″ with a reported budget of $100 billion, “The Creator” demonstrates how effective world-building can be achieved without exorbitant costs.

The film achieves this by shooting in real locations and enhancing them with CGI and meticulous production design, resulting in a world that feels authentic and captivating. This attention to detail draws the audience deep into the story and the world it inhabits.

the creator movie
20th Century Studios

Personal and Global: The Narrative Balance

At its core, “The Creator” is a story of a global conflict centered around artificial intelligence, with various nations taking distinct stances, potentially leading to a world war.

Amid this colossal backdrop, the film maintains a deeply personal narrative, primarily revolving around the character portrayed by John David Washington.

It explores his complex relationship with war, the military, and AI, as well as the personal sacrifices he has made, particularly regarding his family. The film’s ability to seamlessly interweave the personal and global aspects of the story is commendable, evoking a wide range of emotions while keeping the audience engaged.

War and Humanity: A Thoughtful Exploration

One of the film’s strengths lies in its portrayal of the AI conflict, highlighting the devastating consequences of war. It consistently reminds the audience that in war, there are no winners, and everyone suffers. This perspective is presented through the eyes of soldiers, civilians caught in the crossfire, and even the AI itself.

By offering different viewpoints, the film effectively conveys the message that war is a horrific ordeal that harms all involved parties. “The Creator” balances its grand, thrilling action sequences, including large-scale battles, espionage, chases, and shootouts, with a profound exploration of the human element. It successfully manages to tell a story that is both expansive and deeply intimate, touching on a multitude of emotions while maintaining its connection to the individual characters.

The Negatives: Derivative Elements and Pacing

However, it’s essential to address some aspects that could be improved. “The Creator” wears its influences prominently, with clear nods to films like “The Terminator,” “The Matrix,” “Blade Runner,” “Apocalypse Now,” “Akira,” and the director’s own work, “Rogue One.” While this amalgamation of influences worked for me, I understand that some viewers may find it derivative and reminiscent of what they’ve seen before. It’s not as groundbreaking as the works it draws inspiration from, but it does manage to create something fresh by blending these influences in a unique way.

Additionally, the film’s pacing could benefit from an extra 20 minutes, especially in the middle and third acts. Building the bond between characters could have started a bit earlier to enhance the flow of the narrative. As the story progresses into the third act, there is a noticeable shift, and certain developments feel rushed. Taking more time to explore the emotions and consequences of these events could have added depth to the overall experience.

The Creator Movie Review
20th Century Studios

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is “The Creator” worth watching in the theater?

Absolutely. “The Creator” offers a visually stunning and thought-provoking cinematic experience that truly benefits from the big screen. The epic world-building and action sequences are a treat for the eyes.

2. Does “The Creator” live up to its influences, like “The Terminator” and “Blade Runner”?

While “The Creator” draws inspiration from these classic films, it manages to create a fresh and unique narrative. It may feel familiar in some aspects but combines its influences in a way that sets it apart.

3. Is “The Creator” suitable for viewers who prefer both personal and global narratives?

Yes, “The Creator” strikes a balance between the personal story of its main character and the global conflict over AI. It explores both aspects effectively, making it engaging for a wide range of viewers.

4. Are the visual effects and production design of “The Creator” impressive despite its budget?

Absolutely. “The Creator” demonstrates that a visually stunning and immersive world can be created without exorbitant budgets. The attention to detail in both visual effects and production design is commendable.

5. Does “The Creator” have any surprises, or is it predictable?

While some plot elements may be predictable for astute viewers, the film still manages to offer surprises and emotional depth, especially in its exploration of the consequences of war.

Conclusion: A Worthy Addition to Sci-Fi Cinema

In summary, “The Creator” is the kind of film I hope to see more of in Hollywood. It’s a visually stunning, original, and thought-provoking science fiction epic that offers both grand-scale action and intimate character development. While it wears its influences on its sleeve and could benefit from a bit more runtime in certain areas, it is undeniably a great addition to the genre.

On the entertainment scale, I would give it a solid 9 out of 10. I encourage everyone to see this movie in theaters and support original storytelling in the film industry. Let Hollywood know that we want more visionary creators trusted with bringing unique stories to the big screen, rather than relying solely on sequels and reboots. If you’re a fan of epic sci-fi adventures, “The Creator” is a must-see, promising an enjoyable cinematic experience. Keep the conversation about movies and TV going strong!

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