Sukhee Movie Review (2023)

Sukhee Movie Review (2023)

Sukhee Movie Review: About

Sukhee is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by Sonal Joshi in her directorial debut. It stars Shilpa Shetty in the lead role with Amit Sadh, Dilnaz Irani, Kusha Kapila and Pavleen Gujral. The film was released on 22 September 2023.

Release date: September 22, 2023 (India)
Director: Sonal Joshi
Distributed by: Pen Studios

Rediscovering Sukhpreet Kalra

A homemaker, Sukhpreet Kalra, fondly known as Sukhee (Shilpa), finds herself reminiscing about her teenage years, a time when she harbored aspirations of conquering the world, unburdened by the responsibilities of a less mature partner. As a college reunion approaches, she reunites with her girl gang after decades, prompting her to realize that her worth exceeds what she currently has on her plate.

Sukhee Movie Review: Script Analysis

Celebrating Feminine Energy in Cinema

Delving into the feminine perspective and the previously overlooked voices in cinema is an era that deserves recognition and promotion. Stories are now delving into aspects of female existence that were once taboo in a society that shied away from even mentioning certain topics in daily conversations. Filmmakers are indeed exploring these subjects, though not always in a flawless manner, but the change is undeniably necessary.

A Closer Look at Sukhee’s Narrative

Sukhee, penned by Sonal Joshi with the story by Radhika Anand, and Paulomi Datta handling the screenplay, is a concept that carries weight. We have witnessed numerous women who were once formidable forces, but time and marriage have bound them to their obligations towards the world, often sacrificing their personal aspirations. It revolves around a homemaker who, at first glance, embodies the quintessential ‘Adarsh Bahu’ from the Ekta Kapoor factory. However, there is more to her than meets the eye. It’s in the transition where Sonal and her team aim to convey this, that Sukhee somewhat loses its intended impact over the course of almost 2.5 hours.

Unearthing Taboos, Yet Only Surface-Level

While there are mentions of various taboos and the struggles women face, they remain superficial mentions without a deep dive. How long can we continue with tokenism and label it a film of our times, hoping the audience will resonate? The sanitization of Sukhee is disconcerting because everything feels too straightforward. The first half largely revolves around Sukhpreet’s mundane life, including a moment of redemption with her grandfather-in-law. However, everything else is painted with broad strokes. Her microaggressions, the suppressed wild and free spirit that occasionally emerges, are only alluded to and never visually translated.

Striving for Substance in Sukhee’s Narrative

Sukhee aspires to be substantive but is somewhat confined to a couple of conversations. Reconnecting with best friends after 20 years should involve a gradual reestablishment of bonds. Witnessing female friendship evolve and flourish over time is indeed rewarding, and a woman in the director’s chair should have known better. The subtlety is sacrificed because Sukhee wants to throw everything in your face. In the span of four days, it endeavors to convince you that the world has progressed by at least a month because so much occurs. There’s so much within the movie that warranted more attention and screen time, but the creators opt to overstuff it instead.

Sukhee Movie Review (2023)Sukhee Movie Review (Picture Credit: Youtube)

The Nuanced Second Half

The second half does offer something when it delves into the nuances rather than rushing towards a conclusion that could have been impactful but ends up feeling convenient. The most poignant moments occur when friends finally vocalize their problems. When a respected man reminds Sukhee of the love he’s held for two decades, inadvertently highlighting her husband, now reduced to acting like a child. These vulnerable moments deserved more development. Even the climax sees Sukhee initially choosing her self-respect and her lost identity, but eventually, she succumbs to the very narrative that society has fed her for ages. What was the essence of your product then?

Drawing Parallels with “Thappad”

“Thappad” didn’t conclude on a breaking note, but rather on one that suggested they were about to mend what was fractured, while maintaining a certain distance. Take the cue.

Sukhee Movie Review: Star Performance

Shilpa Shetty’s Striking Presence

While Shilpa Shetty possesses a screen presence that’s uniquely hers, which has kept her relevant for so many years, her glamour renders Sukhee seem unreal for much of the first half. She portrays a homemaker in a small town named Anandkot, yet she wakes up with a face full of meticulously applied makeup and blush, and her nails are flawlessly manicured, even after her daughter suggests making kebabs. All of this in a small town setting. The actress exerts too much effort to portray Sukhee as a vulnerable woman, and though she succeeds to a certain extent, it doesn’t appear effortless.

Chaitannya Choudhry’s Compelling Portrayal

Chaitannya Choudhry gets the most finely written role. He embodies a man-child who believes he’s entitled to the best of everything, and views his wife as the cause of all his misfortunes. We encounter such men in our everyday lives; perhaps I’m one of them. His portrayal feels genuine and not like a character written for the screen. The actor puts his all into the role.

Ensemble Cast: Kapila, Irani, Gujral, and Sadh

Kusha Kapila essentially extends her social media persona, and it comes naturally to her at this point. However, with Dilnaz Irani and Pavleen Gujral, they end up being mere checkboxes on a list that Sukhee uses to motivate herself. Their issues are mentioned in a couple of scenes but aren’t explored further. Amit Sadh suddenly embodies the ideal partner the internet aspires to, and portrays this role in an endearing manner.

Sukhee Movie Review (2023)Sukhee Movie Review (Picture Credit: Youtube)

Sukhee Movie Review: Direction, Music

Directorial Prowess of Sonal Joshi

Sonal Joshi, as a director, demonstrates a keen understanding of what aspects of this world need to be on camera to make an impact. However, once again, sanitization is an issue. A restroom at a local bus stop shouldn’t be this pristine. Additionally, she attempts to incorporate Easter Eggs by casting Kiran Kumar as Sukhee’s father, still resentful for her elopement (a “Dhadkan” reference). But everything feels less than fresh, and the tokenism only compounds the issue.

A Note on the Music

The music is average, and this time, T-series chose to dilute another of Ali Sethi’s renditions by offering a very mediocre version of it. “Chan Kitha” has potential, and even an Ayushmann Khurrana feature can’t salvage it.

Sukhee Movie Review: The Last Word

A Call for Nuance

Sukhee tells an undoubtedly important story, but it would have greater impact if told with a nuanced approach rather than broad strokes.

Sukhee Trailer

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Sukhee releases on 22nd September, 2023.

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1. What is the central theme of the movie Sukhee?

The movie Sukhee delves into the experiences of women, exploring aspects of their lives that were once considered taboo. It focuses on a homemaker, Sukhpreet Kalra, and her journey towards self-discovery and reclaiming her identity.

2. How does the film address societal taboos and issues faced by women?

While the film does touch upon various taboos and challenges faced by women, it is mentioned in a surface-level manner without a deep exploration. The narrative strives to depict Sukhpreet’s mundane life and her struggles, but some of the more nuanced aspects remain unaddressed.

3. What are the standout performances in the movie?

Shilpa Shetty’s screen presence is noted for its uniqueness, though her portrayal of Sukhee in the first half may come off as slightly exaggerated. Chaitannya Choudhry’s portrayal of a complex character is highly praised, as he brings depth to his role.

4. How does the film compare to “Thappad”?

While “Thappad” concludes with a suggestion of repairing fractured relationships while maintaining a certain distance, Sukhee takes a different approach. It attempts to address similar themes but may not execute them with the same level of nuance.

5. What is the significance of the music in the movie?

The music in Sukhee is deemed average, with a rendition by Ali Sethi receiving mixed reviews. The song “Chan Kitha” is noted for its potential, but some feel that its execution falls short of expectations, even with the inclusion of Ayushmann Khurrana.

6. Does the film’s direction effectively capture the intended message?

Sonal Joshi’s direction is acknowledged for its understanding of which elements need to be on camera to make an impact. However, there is some criticism regarding the sanitization of certain scenes, which may detract from the film’s overall authenticity. Additionally, the incorporation of Easter Eggs is noted, but some viewers find them less impactful than intended.

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