57 Seconds Review and Analysis

57 Seconds Review and Analysis

Familiar Grounds

“57 Seconds” is a 2023 sci-fi B-movie featuring Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman. However, it takes roughly 57 seconds to realize that it treads familiar ground in the realm of time travel. The irony seems unintentional.

A Decent Offering

In the grand scheme, this isn’t too bad. Freeman, a respected actor, seems comfortable in a role that doesn’t demand much. While derivative and occasionally silly, it might vary in appeal.

The Plot Unveiled

Hutcherson, known for “The Hunger Games,” portrays Franklin Fox, a blogger who critiques Big Pharma as “Remedy.” His focus is on addictive opiates, for personal reasons left unsaid. Pharmaceutical tycoons like Sig Thorenson (Greg Germann) are not his favorites.

The World of Tech Titans

Tech CEOs like Anton Burrell (Freeman) pique his interest. Burrell heads Sci-Trinity, a brand promoting Tri-Bands, wearable bracelets guiding fitness and diet. Franklin admires him so much that he infiltrates a product unveiling for an interview opportunity.

Unforeseen Powers

After a life-saving act during an assassination attempt on Burrell, Franklin discovers a ring enabling him to rewind time by exactly 57 seconds. He exploits it for personal gain, even winning over Jala (Lovie Simone) and outsmarting casinos. An encounter with Calvert (Sammi Rotibi), Thorenson’s right-hand, leads him to believe he can expose corruption.

The 57-Second Time Loop

The 57-second time loop is the film’s main draw, a user-friendly concept. It avoids complex explanations and paradoxical issues. It also delivers standout moments, particularly Franklin’s comedic seduction of Jala and a safe code extraction scene, both showcasing Hutcherson’s skill.

Unexplored Territories

However, the film introduces more ideas than it can fully explore. Why 57 seconds? Burrell’s robot companion remains unaddressed, and hints of mind control in the Tri-Band 5 are left hanging. Despite these quirks, Burrell is painted as a good guy.

A Comedic Twist

The critique of Big Pharma is overshadowed by Thorenson, a comically exaggerated villain. He not only markets addictive painkillers but also keeps vulnerable women in his mansion, summoned at his whim.

Logic Lapses

Yet, more concerning are the lapses in logic affecting plot points and character choices. It’s evident that the script lacked thorough revision, as Franklin carelessly displays his ring’s power, risking exposure.

Is “57 Seconds” Worth the Watch?

Setting aside minor criticisms, there’s a level of entertainment to be had. Freeman embodies a charismatic tech guru, Hutcherson exudes a relatable charm, and the soundtrack complements the experience. The film’s clever use of the time loop adds to its appeal. While the revelations may not be surprising, the movie overall is an enjoyable experience.


1. What is the main premise of “57 Seconds”?

“57 Seconds” is a 2023 sci-fi B-movie centered around time travel. It follows the story of Franklin Fox, a blogger critical of Big Pharma, who gains the ability to rewind time by precisely 57 seconds after a life-altering event.

2. Who are the main actors in the movie?

The film stars Josh Hutcherson as Franklin Fox and Morgan Freeman as Anton Burrell, a prominent tech CEO.

3. What sets the time travel concept in “57 Seconds” apart from other movies?

The film employs a user-friendly 57-second time loop, avoiding complex explanations and paradoxical problems commonly associated with time travel narratives.

4. Are there any standout moments in the movie?

Yes, two notable moments include Franklin’s initial seduction of Jala and a set-piece involving the extraction of a safe code. These scenes are both well-executed and showcase Hutcherson’s acting skills.

5. What are some criticisms of the movie?

While entertaining, “57 Seconds” introduces more ideas than it can fully explore. Some elements, like the significance of 57 seconds and the presence of a robot companion, are left unexplained. Additionally, lapses in logic affect certain plot points and character decisions.


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